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Stumbled upon this site yesterday. It's basically a large archive of soundclips you can download for free. by metode05metode05, 19 Oct 2009 08:41

50 Ways to make us HATE your flash game

This is how you should do it if you want the result to be annoying :P

Also, it might be a guide to 50 things to avoid in your game ;)

Would be insane cool to add all 50 in a game :D


So I randomly stumbled upon this cool site that acts kinda like a library for codes. I find it really nice to use as a reference =) ActionsScript Library

Worth checking! by metode05metode05, 29 Sep 2009 10:55

Sweet! :D

Re: Actionscript Books by metode05metode05, 14 Sep 2009 08:11
Actionscript Books
XiiXii 13 Sep 2009 13:37
in discussion Gruppe 05 Forum / Flash » Flash Books

Well, we havent started with it yet, but here are some books about actionscript I found on Google Books:
These books is all on our literature list. But since this is free, it has restricted access. That means you wont be able to see all pages, but you get some of them. So that you might get an idea of whether to buy the book or not. ;)


Learning ActionScript 3.0: A Beginner's Guide
ActionScript 3.0 animation: making things move!
How to Cheat in Adobe Flash CS4: The Art of Design and Animation

Actionscript Books by XiiXii, 13 Sep 2009 13:37

Hi everyone!
Try to make some action.
Seems like some of the guys have good control:)
…makes me feel a little bit behind.fighting with my pentool hahaha:P
I`m sure it will be alright tomorrow.
But then again, this is all verry new to me.
It feels safer knowing I`m a part of Metode05-not afraid to ask you if I need help:)

Welcome:) by IngvildIngvild, 12 Sep 2009 01:25

Stumbled across a cool bone tool tutorial and thought I'd share it with you guys :)

Bone Tool Tut.


Bone Tool Tutorial by metode05metode05, 11 Sep 2009 10:10
Re: Blog URL's
XiiXii 09 Sep 2009 17:28
in discussion Gruppe 05 Forum / Blog » Blog URL's

Of course not! You learn more yourself that way ;)

Re: Blog URL's by XiiXii, 09 Sep 2009 17:28
Re: Blog URL's
JonasKJonasK 09 Sep 2009 10:33
in discussion Gruppe 05 Forum / Blog » Blog URL's

Name: Jonas

I placed the blog out there on my own, hope you don't mind :)

Re: Blog URL's by JonasKJonasK, 09 Sep 2009 10:33
XiiXii 08 Sep 2009 23:45
in discussion Gruppe 05 Forum / Tips & Tricks »

Just adding a link to a useful tutorial site. You can watch the "start" of some of the DVDs, and if you register your Adobe CS4 online you can choose to select a free one month subscription to this place. Well worth the trouble :P | Flash Tutorials by XiiXii, 08 Sep 2009 23:45
XiiXii 08 Sep 2009 23:37
in discussion Gruppe 05 Forum / Tips & Tricks » Delicious

A link "database" made by our teacher and lab-assistants. Lots of useful links for flash game designers. Everything from inspirational games to hardcore actionscript codes :P Enjoy!


Delicious by XiiXii, 08 Sep 2009 23:37
Re: Blog URL's
metode05metode05 07 Sep 2009 15:23
in discussion Gruppe 05 Forum / Blog » Blog URL's

Name: Erlend


Re: Blog URL's by metode05metode05, 07 Sep 2009 15:23
Re: Blog URL's by XiiXii, 07 Sep 2009 12:11
Blog URL's
XiiXii 07 Sep 2009 11:36
in discussion Gruppe 05 Forum / Blog » Blog URL's

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone creates a blog before Tuesday 10. September. And starts posting on them =)

If someone is struggling to create one, just post it on this forum. And I guess we'll try to help.

I would like to get everyone's real name and blog address on this post. So just follow my example in the next post.
You can also post the URL of a picture of you, so I can add it to the "Group Members" tab. (Optional)

Also, should we add our email to the "Group Member" site?

Blog URL's by XiiXii, 07 Sep 2009 11:36
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